Don't just live in the moment, capture it!

Hi, my name is Lori and I’ve been a professional photographer since 2011. While I don’t have a story about wanting to be a photographer since I was two, the combination of life events and my joy in creating led me to this amazing craft. I have always loved helping others, and nursing was my chosen path, until a fateful horsing accident shifted my reality forever. During one of my bleakest hours, I picked up a camera and took this shot…
It was then that I fell in love! Photography grew on me quickly and it helped me get through the most difficult time in my life. I started out doing landscape and macro photography for use by others as wall art. Then, when I started working with portraits, I found a whole new passion helping others see the best parts of themselves. It was amazing! My creative side thrived in creating sets and backgrounds. While the technical aspects of learning color balance, complex lighting, and digital editing, kept me learning long into the nights.
Today, I love photography more than ever and enjoy the thrill of capturing that perfect shot! That gorgeous photo, which will last a lifetime! I know there are many photographers to choose from, each with their own story to tell, but I hope to share this journey with you and promise all my creativity and passion while we hunt for that, perfect shot! Until then… ”Say cheese!” 
~Lori McGee
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